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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  November 5, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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weather and snow. we have the cold air available. the cold air around. already meyersville in the 30s. harford, northeast, 42 rock hall. with those winds gusting, the wind chill factor has been brutal at times. here's that next weather maker. it will take a time to dip down to the north part of florida. by that time we should be up through wednesday morning. wednesday rain, wind, nor'easter style conditions. just getting chilly, low 40s. did you notice how early sunset was? >> thanks a lot. >> here we are hours away from election day. here in maryland we have a lot more than a presidential candidate to choose. >> mereds are facing several controversial ballot questions, including question six to decide whether same sex couples will be able to get civil marriage licenses. governor o'malley is very
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outspoken about his support for marriage equality. >> the bill that's before the voters on referendum question section protects religious freedom and every child's home under the law. it's called justice. it's called fairness. >> now if marylanders vote in favor of question six we would become the seventh state in addition to washington, d.c. to approve seam seam. the maryland marriage alliance is holding a prayer rally tonight at rock city church encouraging people to vote against question six. it starts at 6 and goes until 6 a.m. as people head out to the polls. and the ads, which are impossible to escape will finally come to an end tomorrow night as you will weigh in on ballot question number seven.
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supporters argue it would raise much needed funds for public education. opponents argue there is no guarantee the money would be used for education. so for much more on questions four, six, seven, including a breakdown of the arguments on both sides of the issue, just head to and click on the politics tab. >> president obama and governor romney are making a last-minute push for your vote. >> both spent the day crisscrossing the swing states. cairch traveers travers spent the day with the obama campaign. >> reporter: this is it, one final day. both candidates were focused on revving up supporters in their must-win states.
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president obama kicked things off in madison, wisconsin. >> four more years! four more years! >> you know i will fight for your families ovary single day. >> reporter: he had star power. bruce springsteen at his side all day. the president showed a hand of nostalgia. he acknowledged that no matter what happens tomorrow, this is it. with the noticeably hoarse voice -- >> we know we have or work to do. >> reporter: mitt romney made a clean sweep. that's where he focused his energy today. >> accomplishing real change is not something i talk about but something i've done. >> reporter: the national race is tight.
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each campaign is projecting confidence in the ground games. >> they both believe it's all about turnout. >> reporter: both candidates are campaigning in a state with sentimental iowa. the victory in iowa almost launched his chance to the white house. karen traveers -- abc2 news chicago. >> we have more. >> it all comes down to this, the time full day of campaigning before election night. republican challenger mitt romney is on a whirlwind.
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>> you want four more years like the last four years or do you want real change. >> reporter: no state is bigger than ohio. >> ohio, florida and virginia. mitt romney has to basically go three for three in those states. >> in fact both candidates are campaigning in columbus today. president obama is also vowing support in iowa and wisconsin. if he takes those states and ohio, he will have enough to win reelection. >> we tried their ideas. they didn't work. the economy didn't grow. >> it's anings us aing race to the finish -- exhausting race to the finish. >> we are asking you to work with us, to stand with us. >> reporter: mitt romney finishes with kidd rock with a big rally in new hampshire and
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both will appear on tape during halftime at monday night football. it has been a week since superstorm sandy struck new york and new jersey. more than 1 1/2 million are still without power. fema is setting up goes distributions to try to get fuel to people. most of the students in new york did go back to school today, although the trip put an added strain on the transit system that isn't completely yet back online. the rebuild is capturing the hearts of many marylanders as don harrison tells us one group is getting behind first responders. >> reporter: john williams run has facebook page dedicated to anne arundel first responders. >> these guys are working until they drop up there.
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figure we would do what we can to help them guys. >> while first responders are out helping the hurricane victims, their families are home alone and in many cases without eat. john wants marylanders to drop off blankets, clothes, secure solutions, lock and key. he plays in a local band called pass pasadena. he thought this would be good to give back. >> people that we know who live up there won't be able to get back to the house for six to eight months. >> he was asked to help out in the relief effort and had no problem helping out the first responders. >> you snow, it could be weeks to -- know this could be weeks to months before they get power back about they're still taking their time and lives to help everybody else. >> reporter: there's still some
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local connections here. >> people were dropping things off yesterday. we found at left a half dozen of them have family up there, friends up there. they really appreciate the support. so we're trying to use the resource we have. >> if you would like to donate, you can drop off items at the woodland beach fire company. >> if you're looking for a way to help with the recovery efforts, abc and disney have teamed up with the american red cross. just text abc to 90999 to make a $10 donation to the red cross. keep it here. our local representative will be here for a live interview in just 11 minutes. >> just a horrible story here.
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a 2-year-old boy mauled to death by wild dogs at a -- at a zoo. the boy's mother was helping him get a better look at animals when everything went wrong. >> the mother picked the child up, actually in a standing position, put him on the railing. almost immediately after that he lost his balance. >> zoo keepers rushed into the enclosure luring most of the animals away. the most aggressive was shot and killed. they are still trying to figure out how the toddler fell into the exhibit so easily. >> coming up next, the disturbing video from inside a baltimore city classroom with students turning the tables on a teacher.
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>> and kids having problems reading. it's preventable. what a parent should look out for when it's time for a child to get glasses. >> we see the train coming. a look at close video. >> you want to download our latest abc2 weather app. columbia 45. wherever your locale is you can get the weather for your zip code.
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what is the cost of a heart attack? a study looks at the hospital stay and medication. apparently it's $8,000 per person. a patient loses an average of 60 workdays right after. because of the devastating effect, doctors should focus on
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prevention, encouraging healthy habits and closely monitoring your blood pressure and cholesterol. if your child has a vision problem, will you even be able to tell? hard to determine if they need glasses but there are a few things you can do. comparing your vision is one way to uncover problems. if you can't read something, that's an indicator. >> it goes along with growth spurts with the child. if the parents are both wearing glass and the child is hitting a growth spurt, that's a time, usually in late childhood toward teenage years, a big spike in my -- myopia. >> if your child is experiencing any of these signs, be sure to take him to see a pediatrician.
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>> the sun's gone. it's cold outside. >> things are darkening on us. the -- the sky. the storm threat. >> here we go. >> used to call this the dark ages when you start the shorter days and colder weather. february is the darker ages. >> march will be here before you know it. a quick check of the weather. we had some sunshine. at least the weather looked okay if you were inside a heated room somewhere. a little breezy. the sun set coming awfully early. one more stop at ccbc in dundalk, a view of the key bridge always a good one. 45 at bwi. humidity is moderate. i will say this.
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the north wind has been a lot more than this at times. right now five miles an hour. this is colder than of a rafnlgt 48, normal, 61. it looks leak tomorrow will be as cold or colder with no beg warmup until potentially next weekend. it's going to be downhill before it gets better. feeling like the 30s and low 40s. we think the winds will diminish. so our freeze warnings in effect for har ford, baltimore and -- harford, baltimore and anne arundel, several hours at or below freezing. so this is going to be one of those nights you want to bring in anything you don't want to freeze. make sure you bring in the pets.
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26 in bel air. it will be chilly tomorrow night. this will coincide with the arrival of the next weather system. clear and cold tonight, giving way to changing weather tomorrow. here is the sort of beginnings or the colonel -- kernel. as we go into wednesday, that storm running up the coast. how close will it come to the maryland shoreline, that's a key factor. right now we're bank on showers and maybe some wet snow showers mixing in with the rain. that nor'easter coming up probably some rain along the coast and maybe wet snow coming in on the back side for impacts. right now just a rainstorm down in the dope south. it will take until wednesday.
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tomorrow 47, partly sunny but it's going to be chilly still and in the 20s tomorrow night. here's the outlook. mixed showers possible wednesday into early thursday morning as the nor'easter takes a run offshore and it's all going to be a factor how close in this comes. want a silver lining? looks like sunshine for the weekend. we could get back to the 60s. that would be average for this time of the year. looks good, though. back to you. >> they provide help for families after the fire. they're constantly seek blood donations but the red cross is the most visible. doug with the red cross joins us. devastating to look at pictures, but a situation like we're seeing in new jersey and new york is when the red cross is showing the important work that you do. >> we were there before the storm even made landfall.
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we positioned it in place, followed it up the east coast. now, obviously, the have the majority of our resources are in new york and new jersey. >> volunteers came here. >> we had about 200 volunteers to help out when san day made landfall here. most include some volunteers based in maryland. >> what are they saying, just to see the pictures, knowing that could be us. >> a difference of 30 miles. it's heartbreaking on the one hand but at the same time i'm hearing after 12, 1 4, 16-hour days, these volunteers are going to bed very satisfied. that's what makes the red cross run. >> people can make donations. >> if you make a donation to the red cross it's all part of our
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disas relief fund. think of it has water tower full of water. we have to keep replenishing it. when the next disas comes, we -- disaster comes, we have it in place. it's more than that. it's more than what you see, the water bottles. it's dispaz mental -- disaster mental health. it takes a toll on your psyche. there's logistical support. over 90% of what we do is all volunteers. >> tell me what you're doing to prepare for the nor'easter. >> these hurricane sandy recoveries happening, we're waiting for the next one. we got the volunteers h in place. we encourage people to take some
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precautions at home just in case it's a big one. >> let's show you the information. text red cross to 90999. that's a $10 donation. >> we raise tens of millions doing that. >> call the red cross -- 1-800-red cross. thanks for coming in. jamie costello. we've seen trane crashes but arely near misses. see what happens when people get frightenly close. >> and how they got the snake out of their storage locker. look at that thing.
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this is what you call a close call. normally we seat aftermath of a train crashes but not near miss. this shows people getting dangerousously close to the rails. you may wonder why they're getting close. they may create an optical allusion. it may look far away but be right on you the next. listen to this. you're going to your storage only to find a boa con stricttor in there. a washington couple discovered a snake in their storage locker. they called animal role control. avs seeing how big it was he had to call for backup. >> how does a boa con stricttor end up in your storage?
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coming up we'll tell you about a teacher who is being bullied. >> here we are on election eve. are our local lawmakers really following through on their promises. >> i'm wyatt everhart. the unseasonable cold continues. what will that mean tonight? we've got the details.
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it is the final day before tomorrow's big election. question seven, question six on whether same sex couples can marry. it will all be decided tomorrow when marylanders head to the polls. >> the cleanup continues for
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superstorm sandy. many in new york and new jersey are still without power and some maryland first responders have already headed up to help. if you'd loke to donate, you can drop your items off at the wood and beach fire company in anne arundel county. weather wise, colder than average will lead to a freeze. protect those outdoor plants. also, make sure you bring in the pets. getting down to the 20s. not exactly warmer on the other side of the the chesapeake. the wind chill factor feels a little more frigid. there's our next storm. this is going to be headed our way on w


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